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GreenStep LEED Consultant Training Pack

GreenStep's LEED Consultant Training Pack provides you with a practical, step-by-step LEED project experience program to prepare you for success as a LEED consultant. Gain access to 9 different LEED project assignments addressing 16 important LEED credits and prerequisites that are common to almost any LEED certification project. This is a 100% online training package and can be completed from anywhere using a high-speed Internet connection. 

Who Is This Package For?

GreenStep LogoThe GreenStep LEED Consultant Training Pack is for architects, designers and consultants wishing to start or grow a green building consulting practice. This training package is applicable to LEED version 4, and to LEED for New Construction (BD+C), LEED for Commercial Interiors (ID+C) and LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (O+M).

Why Should I Buy This Package?

Alex SpilgerLEED consultants can earn $75-$250 per hour, depending on their experience and understanding of the LEED certification process. The GreenStep LEED Consultant Training Pack provides you with actual training you can apply to LEED certification projects. This training package is not based on theory... These are real world projects located in San Francisco and the assignments are based on actual LEED consulting engagements.

Using a combination of online video, and downloadable project documentation, you will work through nine (9) separate online LEED project assignments that are relevant to almost every LEED certification project. We provide you with a clear outline for completing this training package... However, you may choose your own approach to completing each project assignment in any order. We have designed the training package so that it can be completed at your own pace, credit by credit, as you choose. 

There is no quiz or test in this training package. Upon completion of the project assignments, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from GreenStep Education.

What Will I Get With This Training Package?

This online training package includes:

  • 9 Online LEED Certification Consulting Project Assignments: The package includes nine (9) separate online video LEED certification project assignments relevant to LEED v4, LEED for New Construction (BD+C), Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) and Operations and Maintenance (O+M). 
  • Exposure to 16 Separate Important LEED Credits: These are credits that are commonly pursued in almost every LEED certification project.
  • Work on Two (2) LEED Registered Projects: This training package works with two LEED registered projects in San Francisco, California.
  • 4 LEED Specific CMP Hours Approved by GBCI: This training package includes two project assignments that are approved for LEED Specific Continuing Education hours for the LEED Credential Maintenance Program from GBCI. 
  • Renowned Expert Training and Insight: Alex Spilger has worked on over 100 LEED certified projects, including the first LEED version 4 project in San Francisco. His clients have included leading companies such as Google, Skype, Salesforce.com, GoPro and many others.
  • Flexibility and 120 Day Access: Complete all the project credits very efficiently in one single session, or complete one credit at a time at your own pace.
  • Proven Results: You'll be part of a group of LEED professionals from over 20 countries who have gained LEED project experience through the GreenStep program. Many of our LEED Consultant Training and project experience participants have successfully started their own LEED consulting practices and moved on to manage dozens of LEED projects.​
  • Certificate of Completion: Upon completion of the GreenStep LEED Consultant Training Pack you will receive a downloadable PDF Certificate of Completion that is suitable for framing. 
  • Immediate Access: No waiting! Get started with the training package immediately after checkout.

**Please note that the LEED BD+C Reference Guide is not included with this package. The LEED BD+C Reference Guide is recommended, but not necessary, for completing this training. Note: If you do not already have a LEED BD+C Reference Guide, you may purchase it directly, in hard or soft copy, from USGBC here.**

LEED Consultant Training Pack Video Sample (LEED v4 Charrette Site Evaluation Exercise):



How Will I Complete The LEED Consultant Training?

Alex's LEED Consulting ClientsThis is a 100% online training package that you can complete at your own pace. You may complete any of the 9 LEED project assignments in any order, or follow our suggested path from 1-9.

Through a combination of online video modules and supporting documentation, you will complete important LEED credits while receiving guidance from Alex. Alex provides the support needed to ensure that you understand the concepts and processes involved. The video above is a sample.

We also provide downloadable instructions, backup documentation, instructions for using the LEED BD+C Reference Guide (not included) and credit calculators, where necessary. 

We recommend that you start by participating in the LEED charrette which is usually the first step in a LEED certification process. Throughout the process, you will be tasked with completing several credit calculations for the project, which we simply refer to as “Project Assignments”. The Project Assignments that you’ll be given will include several components to help explain the work that needs to be accomplished and guide you through the process.

Each Project Assignment consists of the following:

  • 3 Video Training Modules (Project Assignment videos for each section: Introduction, Body and Answer Key)
  • Written Project Assignment including relevant project information (if applicable)
  • LEED Rating System documentation (included)
  • Instructions for using LEED BD+C Reference Guide (not included) and/or Rating System document (if applicable)
  • Downloadable Calculators (if applicable)
  • Additional resources (such as energy model results)

Project Assignments are designed to be challenging, but very doable, regardless of your experience level and background. Most of the Project Assignments will require you to use the Rating System document or LEED BD+C Reference Guide (not included) to find important information such as:

  • Baseline standards
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Credit percentage thresholds
  • Calculation methodology
  • Equations and variables

Project Assignments Included:

1. LEED v4 Preliminary Charrette: comparing LEED CI vs NC: (BD+C, ID+C): Establishing and refining an accurate LEED Roadmap is central to the success of any green building project and a well organized charrette provides the foundation and structure for this process to occur. As part of this assignment, you will evaluate one of our major renovation projects to determine if it is better suited for the LEED CI or NC Rating System. We provide the LEED NC and CI Scorecards for v4, allowing you to evaluate the project category by category as you tally the number of ‘Yes’ points the the project will likely achieve based on the project information provided.

2. LEED v4 Project Timeline: (BD+C, ID+C): To be an effective LEED Consultant, it is important to have a basic understanding of the design and construction process as well as where the key LEED Milestones fit into a typical project schedule. In this exercise, you will be given a sample project schedule and asked to identify when and where key LEED milestones (such as the LEED Charrette, Subcontractor Kickoff, Commissioning Post-Warranty Review, etc) fit into the process. There are a total of 19 items listed in the assignment, each of which takes place during a certain time in the project schedule. We will guide you through this real-world assignment and provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary for managing the LEED related action items on a project.

3. LEED v4 Charrette Site Evaluation: (BD+C): You will participate in a LEED Charrette exercise for our project, evaluating how changes in our design will affect the probability of achieving various LEED credits in the Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Materials & Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality sections. Upon completion of the exercise, you will have deeper knowledge of credit requirements and a better understanding of how different credits work in synergy with one another. 

4. LEED v4 Indoor Water Use Reduction: 2 LEED Specific CEUs (BD+C and ID+C): The Water Use Reduction calculation is a Prerequisite and is required on all LEED projects. For this assignment, we will guide you through how to perform the Indoor Water Use Reduction calculation. Using project information provided along with the LEED Water Calculator and the Reference Guide, you will complete the Indoor Water Use Credit Calculation for a typical project – comparing your percentage reduction with our calculations to confirm you’ve completed it properly.

5. LEED v4 Outdoor Water Use Reduction: (BD+C, ID+C, O+M): Water efficient landscaping provides an excellent, cost-effective opportunity to achieve overall water savings in a building. This CEU module will walk you through the Outdoor Water Use reduction calculator that LEED uses to estimate water savings. Contrary to common belief, the landscape architect or civil engineer does not have to be the person who completes this credit calculation, anyone on the team can document this credit. For this assignment, you will be provided with a real-world project scenario and asked to determine the percentage outdoor water reduction using the LEED calculator, gaining a valuable skill in the process.

6. LEED v4 Energy Modeling: 2 LEED Specific CEUs (BD+C and ID+C): The energy modeling process is critical to any LEED BD+C project and is worth more LEED points than any other credit. LEED looks at the reduction in energy cost, not just energy usage, and encourages projects to use advanced modeling guidelines outlined in ASHRAE Appendix G. In this CEU module, you’ll be asked to review an energy model report to determine the number of LEED points the project would be awarded under the Optimize Energy Performance credit.

7. Daylight and Views: (BD+C, ID+C and O+M): Indoor environmental quality is an important aspect of a productive work environment. Natural light has been shown to increase employee productivity, well-being and satisfaction in the workplace. For this project assignment you will be responsible for calculating the percentage of day-lit space using window area, floor area, and visible light transmittance. You will perform the daylight calculation to determine if a conference room meets the LEED credit requirements. You will also evaluate a CIR (Credit Interpretation Request) ruling to re-run the calculation using additional information. 

8. Lighting Power Reduction: (BD+C, ID+C and O+M): Lighting power density is defined as the watts of lighting per square foot (psf) of room floor area (w/sf). By reducing lighting power density through more effective lighting design and more efficient and productive fixtures, a LEED project can save a great deal of energy over time. You will calculate the reduction in lighting power using the information provided, including the number of fixtures and wattage per fixture. Note: The lighting designer or electrical engineer often is asked to document this LEED credit, which can add high costs to the project. By learning how to complete this credit you will add further value to your team and your client in real world projects.

9. Recycled Content: (BD+C, ID+C and O+M): Specifying building materials that contain recycled content on LEED projects is easy... However, questions often arise regarding calculating the recycled content dollar value that will be applied toward your LEED certification. You will calculate the recycled content dollar value of a concrete mix, one of the higher-cost materials used on the project. Upon completion, you will have an understanding of how to document materials purchasing for LEED credits. 

Our Guaranty:

We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranty. If you do not wish to complete the training package, please let us know within 30 days of your order and we will provide you with 100% refund.

About your instructor: 

Alex Spilger

Alex Spilger, WELL Faculty, WELL AP, LEED AP, is Principal and Founder of GreenStep Education and Senior Vice President at Cushman & Wakefield.

Throughout this program, Alex guides you along the way as you prepare and gain the skills and understanding to not only pass the LEED exam, but also to build upon a foundation for a successful career in the green building industry. Alex has worked on over 100 diverse LEED projects, including the first LEED v4 project in San Francisco. 

Instant access. Unlimited use for 120 days. Use from any computer, or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, etc.)