200,000 LEED Pros: Videos to Inspire More Eco Superheroes

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Sarah Ward
September 3, 2014

The world needs more great minds in the growing field of green building. On the edge about taking the leap into LEED? Watch these incredible educational shorts to give you a push in the right direction.

Alex's video on sustainability inspires by simplifying a complex topic.
Alex's video on sustainability inspires by simplifying a complex topic.
Credit: Sustainability Illustrated via YouTube

Have you considered becoming LEED accredited?

If so, you're in good company. As of September 2013 (one year ago this month) USGBC reported that there were approximately 172,337 LEED credential holders globally.

Then, back in June of this year, Mahesh Ramunujam, Chief Operating Officer of USGBC, noted that the number of LEED professionals has grown to over 200,000 people all over the world. This would be a growth rate of about 16% in one year. Impressive. Indeed, as we noted here before, LEED is more popular than green building itself! So, whether you're a marketer who sincerely cares, a sales person or a CEO on a mission, if you're interested in learning about sustainability, consider earning a LEED credential. Start with the entry level LEED Green Associate

Is the LEED exam difficult? Yes. Will you have to study in order to pass? You betcha. But the world is demanding more talented sustainability focused building professionals to create healthy homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, offices, schools and outdoor spaces that help us curb mindless consumption of limited resources.

So whether you’re thinking about a new green manufacturing process, a way to construct tighter housing envelopes, or innovative interior decorating practices, take a few minutes to watch some of these shorts and consider just how important the actions of one individual can be on our Earth. Then, take a stab at a free LEED Green Associate exam here.

Top 8 Inspiring Sustainability Videos:

What if all the food we’re wasting came back to bite us in the rear?

Rooftop hydroponics on a barge? Yes, please! With smart solar and wind power, this may be one of the most innovative urban gardens yet.

If we all just became a little more in touch with our own backyards, would we become a little more in touch with the beauty and importance of the global environment?

If we’re not careful with how we treat Mother Nature, there’s a tiny but powerful creature that might just vanish. And the consequences of that are truly scary.

Roads are good things, right? Well, not always. Not when they’re roads leading to the ongoing destruction of our most precious ecological capsule – the rainforest.

The ocean is overwhelmed with human-created junk – and the animals that live in it are the ones having to deal with the fall out. Luckily, this giant whale shark had some friends.

With all that ice melting, we should all have plenty of water, right? Wrong. This town has just about run out – for the third year in a row.

Penguins are one of the many species that might not make it if we continue to ignore climate changes, and they’re disappearance could create dramatic change.

Would the world’s food challenges improve if we started to eat insects? Given that there are 6 billion types, we could probably come up with some pretty unique plates.

The "Definition of Sustainability": The best summary of "What sustainability is" that we've seen from "Alex the Canadian" who simplifies one of the most complex topics using a pen and a whiteboard:


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