Sustainability Stumpers May 2018

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Mara Freeman
May 9, 2018

Think you know sustainability? Test your knowledge of green building, LEED and WELL and see how much of a treehugger you really are...!

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Good luck!

Sustainability Stumpers May 2018
Sustainability Stumpers May 2018

51) May 9th, 2018: a, b and c are correct. Answer d is NOT a moisture management strategy. Moisture can enter buildings and building assemblies in four ways: bulk water, capillary water, air transported moisture and vapor diffusion. Moisture management can include enabling drying potential in addition to reducing moisture infiltration. Both help reduce the risk of mold growth and bacteria in buildings and encourage healthier indoor environmental quality conditions. A trombe wall is a design feature that captures thermal heat from the sun and radiates it throughout the building

52) May 10th, 2018: c) Compact fluorescent lamps, aka "CFLs", contain a small amount of mercury. Recycling CFLs prevents the release of mercury into the environment. Many local stores, such as Home Depot, offer recycling of CFLs as well as electronic waste, such as batteries and cellphones.

53) May 11th, 2018: True! Sad but true! Connecticut has folded to pressure from utilities (Eversource!) to make net metering go away... This means it will be less profitable, and less attractive, for home owners to install solar in Connecticut. Read more in an article by Jan Ellen Spiegel at CT Mirror.

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54) May 12th, 2018: a) After a WELL project is registered, Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) assigns a WELL Assessor to the project. The WELL Assessor is a third party entity responsible for assessing/reviewing the WELL project. Download the WELL Certification Guidebook for more information. 

55) May 13th, 2018: d) WELL Silver Certification requires compliance with all of the preconditions, but none of the optimizations are required.

56) May 14th, 2018: c) A green bond is a tax exempt financing vehicle for environmental projects and eco-friendly investments. Learn more at Climate Bonds.

59) May 17th, 2018: c) Evapotranspiration water is the amount of water lost from a specific vegetated surface with no moisture limitation. There is no requirement within WE credit Water Metering to meter evapotranspiration water.

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60) May 21st, 2018: c) Infill Site is not an option. LT credit High-Priority Site offers three options for compliance. Option 1. Historic District, Option 2. Priority Designation and Option 3. Brownfield Remediation. Confirming "Infill Status" is part of the process for Option 1.


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