Daylight And Views News

LEED mandates that we keep the night sky dark.
October 11, 2016
Learn how to re-illuminate the night sky with LEED’s helpful suggestions for reducing light pollution.
Daylight streams through a skylight at the National Portrait Gallery
July 23, 2015
While daylighting can save big bucks on energy costs when implemented properly, the lighting technique can also have many unexpected benefits for workplace productivity.
Avanti Lunar LCD Smart Glass can offer light and openness (as can be seen below) or privacy (as shown above) if needed.
October 20, 2014
Effective use of daylight can help with a number of LEED credits, but so much transparency can also lead to privacy concerns. Here are some win-win solutions.
The atrium at Bexley Wing in St. James Hospital in Leeds, UK
October 6, 2014
New LEED v4 IEQ credit Quality Views allows designers to consider atria like never before. Here are some of the world’s best daylit atriums to act as your design guide.

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