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April 29, 2017
Can going out to eat truly be an eco-friendly experience? Many so-called sustainable restaurants would like to think so.
A diver inspecting bleached corals.
April 7, 2017
Marine biologists are struggling to save what is left of coral reefs as climate change and human activities are killing the colorful ecosystem.
The more humans emit greenhouse gases, the more the Colorado River will decrease. That's where geologists come in.
March 21, 2017
Geoscientists conduct extensive research of the Earth’s composition that brings public awareness to the consequences of human activity on the planet.
February 12, 2017
Zoologists and wildlife biologists conduct research to highlight the staggering reality of endangered species and develop conservation plans.
An example of a vegetated open space on the roof of a building.
December 1, 2016
LEED’s open space credit benefits both human health and the environment -- and it can be achieved creatively.
Places of learning should aim to meet their students' short-term needs, but not without a long-term vision.
November 26, 2016
With LEED’s Site Master Plan credit, schools can plan sustainable developments that protect students’ learning and natural environment.


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