1 Degree Celsius Equals How Many Fahrenheit?

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Poplar Team
March 14, 2018

To comply with the WELL Building Standard Feature 82: Individual Thermal Control, Part 1: Free Address, I am trying to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit units across the thermal gradient. I want to know what one unit of Celsius equals in one unit of Fahrenheit.


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March 14
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To convert one unit of Celsius to one unit of Fahrenheit, use 1.8 units of Celsius to equal 1 unit of Fahrenheit. 

So, 1 unit of Celsius equals 1.8 units Fahrenheit. 2 units Celsius equals 3.6 units Fahrenheit, 3 units Celsius equals 5.4 units Fahrenheit, etc. 

When converting to temperature, don't forget to add 32 to whatever your Fahrenheit temperature is. So, if the temperature is 1 degree Celsius outside on the thermometer, it would be 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit on the thermometer. 


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