Carpet Dirt absorption percentage

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Jacquelynn Johansson
August 27, 2014

What percentage of dust does any carpet absorb and how do you determine that based on its standard. How often does any carpet need professional cleaning? Does this interval differ for different carpet types?


Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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August 28
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Carpet will absorb as much dirt and dust as it is exposed to over time. For instance, entryways should be equipped with carpet that is specifically designed for high traffic entryways (i.e. with solid, non-porous backing that captures dirt and moisture) to help prevent the collection of contaminants underneath the carpet. Carpet tile or removable rubber backed carpets that can be cleaned 1-2 times per week minimum.

Additionally, carpet can absorb other indoor compounds caused by offgassing if they are exposed to them. For this reason carpeting should only be installed after paints, stains, sealants, coatings, etc. have been allowed to dry and the building flushout has been completed. Check out the Carpet and Rug Institute for more information:

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September 12
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I agree with you on this, I read recently in chemdry central carpet cleaning blog about the importance of a good carpet cleaning and its advantages for the family.

Appreciate the time you gave to help me.


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