Construction Waste

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Erin Colwell
November 13, 2014

Our furniture vendors have inquired about packing waste.  Does construction waste MRc2 include this type of material?  We assumed so: cardboard, etc. but would like to clarify before we respond.


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November 14
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Hi Erin, thanks for your question. You can include packaging that arrives on site that is consistent with your Construction Waste Management plan... Cardboard definitely qualifies.

Other materials such as styrofoam that may be diverted from a landfill wouldn't technically count toward MRc2. But if they end up in the dumpster that is being used to measure total waste diverted, that's your call. The spirit of the MRc2 credit is to divert through recycling and/or reuse and styrofoam, if there is any, is a stretch.

Any furniture packaging that's consistent with the requirements for MR prerequisite 1 (storage and collection) would become part of that waste stream (i.e. after construction is complete).

Reduction of excessive furniture packaging would definitely be part of the CWM strategy overall. There's some additional color provided here by Michelle on LEEDUser:

Best, Rob


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