Cost of Small Scale Vertical Farming

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Praveen Kuttuva
Contracts Manager
April 9, 2015

I have a 5-10 Acre land in India. I would like to develop a small scale commercial Vertical Farming Facility. Solar can be my source of energy as there is abundant Sunlight whole the year. I am allowed to build 8 floors max. Local Farmers can help me in farming. Could you please provide me the anticipated cost of this project which can help my local community?


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Hi Praveen,

Thanks for your question.

Vertical farming is still mostly conceptual in nature, with very few projects actually developed so comps are hard to come by (with the exception of the Valcent "verticrop" Paignton Zoo Environmental Park)...

So that I can answer more accurately, please let me know the size of your facility, the size of the roof or where the solar PV will go, and floor area ratio (FAR). Do you have any photos? Those would be helpful for me to get an idea. I'm guessing it could be between $200-400/psf in construction costs alone, not including design.

If I had more information, I or someone else who understands more about vertical farming than I do might be able to offer you a more detailed cost analysis including operation, transportation, fertilization, crop success rates, renewable energy, etc.

- Rob


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