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Abhay kumar
June 30, 2014

What is the difference between degradable waste and Non-degradable waste please explain wth example.


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Hi Abhay, degradable wastes are those that can be consumed by microorganisms such as bacteria or other biological processes to return to compounds found in nature. The degradation process typically requires heat, light and oxygen. A thing that is capable of biodegrading (such as organic matter -- a dead animal, vegetables, meat, trees, leaves, etc.) can be used again by the Earth as soil that can be used to support or grow new life once it has biodegraded.

Non-biodegradable materials cannot be easily consumed by natural microorganisms and remain unchanged in nature for hundreds of years. While it may be possible for a type of plastic product to biodegrade over 100s of years, for all intents and purposes this product should not be considered biodegradable.

A common non-biodegradable material is polystyrene, which is found everywhere as discarded yogurt containers, bottles, razor blade handles, etc. For more information on polystyrene see this page: -- for more information on biodegradable materials see this page:


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