Difference Between Marmoleum and Linoleum?

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Mara Freeman
November 6, 2017

Is there any difference between Marmoleum and Linoleum?

Marmoleum costs as low as $4.62 psf at Home Depot and as low as $3.86 at Green home Floors... Whereas the Armstrong brand of linoleum costs an average of $4.99 per square foot.

Armstrong does not seem to sell any of their products directly... You have to go through a distributor/retailer to get them, which may add cost.


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November 6
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Hi Mara, thanks for your question about Marmoleum and Linoleum flooring products.

In general, Marmoleum is a brand name of linoleum flooring, just like Armstrong. Linoleum itself is a fairly sustainable product made from solidified linseed oil (linoxyn), pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate.

The Armstrong brand of linoleum claims to assist with achieving certain credits in LEED, including MR 6 (Rapidly Renewable Resources), MR 4 (10 percent and 20 percent post-consumer + pre-consumer recycled content), and Compliant with IEQ 4.3 (Low-emitting materials – flooring systems). For a list of Armstrong Floors Products that Contribute to or Comply with LEED Credits please click here.

Marmoleum is made in Pennsylvania for the British firm Forbo-Nairn and is made with natural ingredients which are free of any harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other toxics. Marmoleum also holds the credit for being the first floor covering to receive the “Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ certification.”

Marmoleum achieved a SMaRT Platinum Sustainable Product Certification which means it can earn an additional LEED point for innovation in design, according to a USGBC Credit Interpretation Ruling from July 2007.

Marmoleum’s SMaRT Certification achieved 100% wind energy use at the manufacturing facility and Marmoleum generates no hazardous waste over its life cycle. You can find additional information about SMaRT certified products here. Forbo’s sustainable product summary can be found here.

For a list of LEED credits that Marmoleum will help you to achieve please click here. For a few extra dollars, Marmoleum will help you earn one extra ID credit, and seems to have few more bells and whistles when it comes to sustainable certifications. But in the end, both products are good choices for commercial or residential flooring.

Hope this helps answer your question!


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