Small Wind Turbines for Homes

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Marc Schwartz
May 23, 2013

I am interested in putting a wind turbine on my roof.  Are small wind turbines for homes available?  How much do they cost?  What are the requirements for my house to have one (special kind of roof, orientation, etc.)?  Can I install it myself or do I need a professional?





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May 23
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Small turbines (approximately 2kW rating) are available but are seldom practical or cost-effective to install at a residential site. Often the permit requirements will not allow for an urban siting of wind (tower fall safety, noise potential, etc.). Check with your authority-having-jurisdiction (usually the city or county building and safety office).

As much as I love renewable energy, I am for practical applications over exotic demonstrations. Better to put solar on the roof, and perhaps buy green RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) for a wind generation company that is locating turbines in good (local) wind regimes (e.g. Tehachapi in CA, West Texas, Kennebec in Maine, Iowa - see NREL for maps). If you still plan to do-it-yourself, I suggest Don't do it with a pro and learn!

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July 4
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It is good to hear that the government is now embracing the natural help of renewable energy sources. Just like having the wind turbines as the electricity for thousands of households. Currently, about 3.3 percent of the nation’s electricity was generated via wind turbines at the end of 2011,about the equivalent of generating power for 18 million homes. Wind turbines are one of the fastest-growing types of power generation, as 32 percent of new power generation capacity is from wind turbines. Should all subsidies cease, the cost of wind power could be double that of natural gas. Let us continue patronizing the sustainable energy that we have. Look for financial assistance to own a wind turbine and reduce your carbon footprint.


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