What is the definition of "Walkshed"?

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April 26, 2018

What is the definition of "walkshed" and what is a "walkshed boundary"?


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April 26
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For LT credit "Access to Quality Transit" LEED requires a defining a "walkshed" boundary.

Specifically, option 2 of this credit uses a walkshed to measure pedestrian access (aka walkability).

A "walkshed" is a land area within a defined walking range of a specified location... The word is a neologism combining "watershed" and "walkability".

LEED requires using a walkshed for LEED certified schools to make sure students can reasonably walk to and from public transit options to get to school.

The walkshed "boundary" is determined by age of student, either 3/4 mile or 1.5 miles.

For a school project, Option 2: Pedestrian Access requires that the project have a "walkshed" boundary and attendance boundary such that a minimum 50% of students live within no more than a 3/4-mile (1200-meter) walking distance (for grades 8 and below, or ages 14 and below), and 1 1/2-mile (2400-meter) walking distance (for grades 9 and above or ages 15 and above) of a functional entry of a school building. 

This and other questions are covered in our LEED BD+C exam preparation materials.


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